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Kathleen + Blake | Bader Park Woods Engagement

If you are from Nebraska, you know that one of the most beautiful things we have here are our sunsets. And sometimes, every once in a while, you strike it lucky and get an exceptional golden sky for an Engagement session.

Kathleen and Blake met in Nebraska, were friends for years, and then began dating long distance while Kathleen lived and worked in Boston. One thing led to another, and they were engaged this past summer following a serious accident Kathleen was involved in. Now, Kathleen has moved to Nebraska, and she and Blake will be starting their life together here, in the Platte River Valley.

For this couple's session, we went with a wooded setting. Their choice of attire was both classic and sophisticated, speaking to their love for all things refined, and nodding toward an old-world aesthetic.

These two have an incredible story (I hope they write a book one day), and they have been through more together in their few years of dating and engagement than many other couples experience in a lifetime. Because of this, my focus during their engagement session was primarily on their connection, and capturing their authentic emotion and interactions.

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