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You're getting married!

Every once in awhile I get asked what my favorite thing to photograph is, and every time my answer is "weddings."  Each wedding is so different, but one thing that is always the same is the purpose; weddings are always a beautiful celebration of a lifelong commitment two people are making to love one another.

This day is only going to happen once, and I feel so blessed to step into and document these incredible moments for my couples.

When I photograph a wedding I recognize that I am capturing something significant.

These photographs will only grow in meaning as the years pass.

Photos from your wedding day will hang on the wall of your home. As your family grows your children will know some of these images by heart. These are some of the photos that will give your grandchildren a sense of belonging, connection, and heritage as they look through family albums and remember your story.

Out of all the pictures we take in a lifetime, these will be some of the most cherished.


These photos will only happen once. I take that seriously. 

 I want to be sure that I am able to deliver my best to each of my couples. For this reason, I only take on a limited number of weddings each year,

and I would love the honor of shooting yours.


Have a particular wedding date in mind?

To make sure I am available for your wedding, reach out and secure your date early!

A GREAT wedding photographer is so much more than JUST a photographer.

A great wedding photographer understands art, and knows what it will take to create beautiful photos.

They are observant and will capture the little moments and details that would otherwise be missed.

They connect easily with people and have the ability to help others feel at ease.

A great wedding photographer knows the natural flow of a wedding day.

They are a valuable resource.

They will reduce stress and be flexible.

A great wedding photographer will always have a plan, and a back-up plan... and a back-up, back-up, plan.

A great wedding photographer will have a thorough understanding of the couple's wants and needs.

They will help a couple think through and determine key logistics for big moments on their wedding day.

A great photographer is an expert in their equipment, and delivers consistently beautiful photos every time.

A great wedding photographer will leave feeling like a friend.

A GREAT photographer is one of the best investments you can make for your wedding day.


Weddings begin at $3000  |  Engagements begin at $500  |  Elopements begin at $2500

frequently asked questions

What is included in your Wedding Collections?

Regardless of which Collection you choose they all  include a wedding resource guide (all of my experience over the years to ensure you make the most of your wedding day photography), professionally edited images in high resolution, a fully downloadable online gallery with hundreds of images from your wedding day available for sharing and printing, and my expertise and guidance throughout your wedding planning process. 

Do you require a booking fee?

At the time of booking, a $300 retainer fee is required to reserve your wedding date. This retainer fee is not an additional charge, and is instead a payment toward your final total. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! Weddings can be expensive and feel overwhelming, especially when it seems like you are writing several big checks all at once. To make things easier for you, I am happy to customize a payment plan for all of my couples based on their specific needs. If you choose to set up a payment plan with me, an email will be sent to you each time a payment is due along with a link that will allow you to view your current balance and make payments online. It's so simple!

How long will it take to receive the images from my wedding day?

A "preview" of 10-15 images from your big day will be posted within 48 hours of your wedding. All final galleries are delivered 30 days from the wedding date!

How will I receive my images?

Your images will be delivered to you via a link sent to your email. This link will direct you to a password protected gallery where all of your photos will be available for immediate download in high-resolution.

I noticed some of your weddings include an "second photographer", how important is it to have one?

A second photographer, is an additional trained wedding photographer that is there to assist me in capturing all of the important elements of your wedding day. The importance of selecting a Collection that includes one really depends on the type of wedding you are having and what you are hoping to get out of your wedding day photos. Consider that a second photographer is going to allow for many more photos in your final gallery, and offer much more variety in your images. A second photographer is by no means essential, but they can be very helpful in important moments where things are happening simultaneously. Personally, I chose to have a second photographer at my wedding and am so glad I did. I take care of booking all second photographers, so there is no need for you to worry about finding your own.

What is the difference between a wedding and an elopement?

One of the biggest differences between a wedding and elopement is the size of the guest list. Elopements are typically very small (as in bride, groom, parents, and minister) and tend to be much more flexible in terms of location and flow of the day. The focus of elopements is solely on the bride and groom, whereas with typical weddings much of the focus is on the guests. Additionally, many elopement couples feel the freedom to get married at a beautiful destination that is particularly meaningful to them; instead of a place that they feel is convenient for their guests. 

We're considering an elopement. What is included in your elopement pricing?

Elopement pricing includes a personal consultation with me (ironing out some details and planning to make sure that your elopement is beautiful, intimate, and everything lovely you hoped it would be), a sunrise or sunset session on your wedding day at a gorgeous location of your choosing, professionally edited images in high resolution, a fully downloadable online gallery with hundreds of images from your wedding day, and my expertise and guidance throughout the planning process. Since the cost of travel and lodging can vary by location and season, they are not included in my elopement prices and are an additional charge, and are instead determined on a case by case basis. 

Are you available for destination weddings?

Yes! Have I mentioned how much I love traveling? However, I also have a family so I only take a limited number of destination weddings each year. Reach out sooner rather than later to make sure I am available to photograph yours!

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